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The Med Ed 2 Programme 2018

Welcome to the web page for the Med Ed 2 programme this year! The Med Ed 2 programme is the annual programme for Oxford fourth year medical students as preparation for their end of year exams and future clinical years. The programme is delivered by final year students and co-ordinated by the Osler Society for Medical Education. This year it will cover a range of topics from ECG data interpretation to history taking to clinical examinations via short lectures and small group teaching

Teaching sessions are delivered on Wednesdays at 5 pm at GPEC.

We’ll be putting up all the info on the upcoming sessions as well any presentations or resources made up by our tutors on to this page. If you want regular updates on the programme then please email to get added on to the mailing list.

Past Presentations

ECG Interpretation

ECG/CXR example 1

ECG/CXR example 2

Fluid Balance

ABG Interpretation

Neck Examination

Breast Examination

LFT Interpretation

Lump Examination

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