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Our Current Teaching Projects:


This page contains all of the regular teaching sessions and projects that OSME runs with the contacts you need to get involved. If you run a session/project and would like our support then please get in touch.

Any student teaching on any of these projects will be able to collect feedback on their teaching from each event and they will also receive a certificate from the society at the end of the year thanking them.

If you have an idea for some teaching but need some support then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us via or with one of our committee members directly to discuss your ideas. We’ll also be having be having regular meetings where you can discuss and collaborate on ideas with fellow students.


Projects Description Who to contact Dates
HCSS Surgical Teaching A series of suturing and introduction to surgery sessions  Arianna Azari (  Running Now
OME Website Development Developing content with doctors for the OME website Daniel Jones ( Running Now
SurgEd Booklets Developing booklets for the Core Surgery placement Adetokunbo Fadipe ( Finished
Clinical Anatomy teaching  Developing a clinical anatomy teaching programme for pre-clinical students Chris Horton (  Running Now


Anybody interested in teaching on one of these schemes with OSME should email the person running it. You should also sign up to OSME by emailing your name, year group and finally your email address to the address below. Joining means you will be able to teach at, and receive regular updates on, each of the teaching schemes and events OSME runs.



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