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What’s on:

OSME plans to hold a number of events throughout the upcoming year. We hope to host a series of general meetings where members can collaborate as well as offer speakers and teachers on the subject of medical education. We of course also hope to put on a large number of teaching events. Info on both will be posted on this page.


OSME events:

We currently don’t have anything planned but will update this page as soon as we do!


General events in Medical Education:

DLT Course- 30th April, GPEC in the John Radcliffe Hospital. Email if you’d like to part, it’s free but ideally for final year students.


ASME annual scientific meeting- 11th to 13th July, 2018



Our past events have included:
Teaching event: Date and time How to sign up to teach
Clinical School Taster day for pre-clinical students 4th November 2017, all-day Year 4/5 students- email

Year 6 students- email


If you have any ideas for new teaching schemes or events then please email or get in touch with one of our committee members.


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