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 Median nerve lesion – exam presentation

How to present a patient with a median nerve lesion for doctors, medical student exams, OSCES, PACES and USMLE

Example of how to present a case of an uncomplicated right median nerve palsy. To be read in conjunction with the neurological examination main page.


  • I examined Mrs Clinton’s arms. There were no abnormal findings in the left arm
  • On the right there was wasting of the thenar eminence (abductor policis brevis)
  • There was general mild weakness of the power grip with specific weakness of abduction of the thumb
  • There was sensory loss over the palmar surface of the thumb, index and middle fingers, as well as the medial half of the ring finger
  • In summary, these findings are consistent with a median nerve lesion, the most common cause of which would be by compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel.


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Perfect revision for medical student finals, OSCES and PACES