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Antibodies in rheumatology


  • There are always new antibodies with possible associations being found
  • There is considerable overlap between many antibodies and their associations e.g. anti-Ro can be found in Sjogrens, SLE and inflammatory myositis
  • ANA patterns
    • Speckled: SLE, scleroderma, Sjogrens, MCTD
    • Homogenous: SLE
    • Nucleolar: scleroderma




SLE Anti-dsDNA
SLE Anti-Sm
Drug induced SLE Anti-histone
Sjogrens Anti-Ro
Diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis Anti-scl70 (anti-topoisomerase 1)
Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis Anti-centromere
Myositis Anti-SRP
Anti-synthetase syndrome Anti-RNA synthetases (Jo-1 most common)
Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) Anti u1-snRNP
Microscopic polyangiitis ANCA MPO (pANCA)
Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) ANCA MPO (pANCA)
Granulomatous polyangiitis ANCA PR3 (cANCA)