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Peripheral intravenous cannulation


Role of a peripheral intravenous (iv) cannula

  • Administration of intravenous drugs and fluids

 Equipment required for an iv cannula

  • Tourniquet
  • Cleaning swab
  • Cannula of an appropriate Gauge- this depends on what you plan to administer
  • Gauze
  • 10ml Normal Saline flush
  • “octopus” attachment
  • Sharps bin
  • Equipment to take blood if this is also required at the same time as cannulation
  • Gloves
  • Cannula dressing

Contraindications to iv cannulation

  • Do not insert in an area of infection
  • Avoid using feet if possible especially in diabetics and patients with peripheral vascular disease

 The procedure for iv cannulation

  • Consent the patient verbally after explaining the procedure
  • Set up a tray with your equipment and sharps bin
  • Flush the “octopus”
  • Apply the tourniquet
  • Select an appropriate vein
  • Clean with the cleaning swab
  • Insert the cannula into the vein ensuring you do not insert it too deeply.
  • Withdraw the needle and fix the “octopus”, dispose of your sharp
  • Flush the cannula via the “octopus”
  • Fix the cannula with a dressing
  • Date the cannula