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Common Local Anaesthetics and Their Properties

Table of local anaesthetics’ maximum safe dose and duration of action

LOCAL ANAESTHETIC ONSET DURATION (with adrenaline) MAXIMUM DOSE  (with adrenaline)
Lidocaine Rapid (5min) 1-2hrs (2-4hrs) 3mg (7mg/kg) *
Bupivacaine Slow (>15mins) 4hrs (8hrs) 2mg/kg (3mg/kg)
Prilocaine Medium 1.5hrs (6hrs) 5mg/kg (7.5mg/kg)


* E.g. 70kg man can have 3mg/kg of lidocaine without adrenaline. Maximum dose of lidocaine therefore 210mg. 1% solution of lidocaine contains 10mg/ml. Therefore patient can have 21mls of lidocaine safely. With adrenaline this increases to 49mls (7mg/kg maximum dose therefore 490mg maximum dose)


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