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Common bites exam questions for medical finals, OSCEs and MRCP PACES


Question 1.

What is the antibiotic of choice in animal bites?

  • Co-amoxiclav 625mg three times a day orally (prophylactic or mild infection) or Co-amoxiclav 1.2g three times a day intravenously (Infected bites) is the preferred antibiotic.
  • In penicillin allergic patients the alternative antibiotic(s) chosen should cover gram positive, gram negative and anaerobic organisms to cover the likely polymicrobial inoculum

Question 2.

Which animals bite is more likely to result in infection, a dog or cat?

  • Cat bites are more likely to result in infection due to the needle-like teeth and deep puncture wounds. Over 50% of cat bites result in infection (true full thickness skin bite is penetration through dermis)