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Hepatitis D (Delta)

Hep D diagnosis and management for doctors, medical students, finals and MRCP PACES


Definition of Hepatitis D

  • A subviral satellite which can only propagate in the presence of the HBV virus


Epidemiology of Hepatitis D

  • Prevalent in same areas as hepatitis B


Causes of Hepatitis D

  • Small circular RNA virus
  • Occurs either as a simultaneous infection with HBV (coinfection) or superimposed on chronic HBV infection (superinfection)



Presentations of Hepatitis D

  • Patients develop complications of chronic liver disease more rapidly when co/superinfected with HBV and HDV
  • Increased likelihood of liver failure, HCC and cirrhosis


Diagnosis of hepatitis D

  • HDV antigens and HDV RNA levels


Initial management of Hepatitis D

  • See management of HBV
  • Peg-interferon is the only treatment for chronic hepatitis delta


Complications of hepatitis D

  • Chronic liver disease with all its associated complications


Prognosis of Hepatitis D

  • Chronic hepatitis delta carries the highest mortality of all the hepatitis viruses


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