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ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ assessment: the best medical mnemonic of all time

When seeing any acutely unwell patient the most important steps are your ABCDE assessment. However, beyond ABCDE lies the ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ assessment, used by only the finest clinicians…

The best medical mnemonic ever

AAirwayCheck patency, consider adjuncts
BBreathingCheck RR and sats, give oxygen, auscultate chest (remember pneumothorax)
CCirculationCheck BP, insert IV lines, take labs tests and gas, give fluids
DDisabilityCheck GCS and glucose
EExposureCheck temperature and do full examination
FFluidsHave you given a fluid challenge? Measure UOP and consider catheter
GGasHave you checked an ABG or VBG? When do you need to repeat this?
HHaematologyHave you sent all the lab tests you need?
IImagingHave you ordered X-rays and reviewed recent imaging? Is there anything else you need: USS or CT?
JJobs (nursing)Have you allocated jobs appropriately? Can the nursing staff help?
KEKG (ECG)Have you looked at the ECG and compared it to previous?
LLocationIs the patient in the right place? Do they need to be moved (e.g. ICU)?
MMonitoringHow often would you like monitoring? Any need for neuro-obs?
NNext of kinHas anyone informed the NoK? Do you need to?
OOh, shitStop. Think. Are you OK? Do you need help?
PPlanHave you documented your plan and informed the nursing staff?
QQuestionsDoes the patient have any questions about what's happened?

With this beauty in your pocket you can’t go wrong!

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